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Field Installation Services

Sterling Process Engineering and Services has succesfully performed various sanitary process system installation services. Our vast experience allows us to take complete system installation responsibility. We will work with your team and create solutions for your process requirements. Also, we can coordinate and manage other sub-contractors to successfully integrate a successful project.

We know how to apply the requirements of various regulatory agencies – 3A and PMO Sanitary Standards, USDA, ASME pressure piping codes, OSHA and other agencies on the seemingly endless list of regulations. Most importantly, our team will comply with your GMP and safety requirements without fail.


Welding Capabilities

Automatic Orbital Pipe and Tube Welding




Welding Inspection Capabilities

Fiber Optic Boroscope with Recording Capabilities


Weld Mapping


Mechanical Piping Applications

Compressed Air
Domestic Water

Glycol Systems

Steam and Condensate

Sanitary Process Piping

Deionized Water
Sanitary System Installation in Accordance with P.M.O. and FDA Specifications

Project Management Features

Material and Acquisition Management
Project Tracking and Reporting


Field Service Features

Our installation personnel have traversed the county installing a variety of process systems.
We travel equipped with the latest technology, including computerized orbital welding and video boroscope inspection.


Sanitary Process Piping

Conveyor Installations

Engineering and Technical Support

High Pressure Piping

Platform and Catwalk Installations

Remote Flexible Fiber Optic Inspection Service with Video Recording System

System Start-Up Assistance

Tank Installation and Repair


·  Beverage Industry 1

·  Beverage Industry 2

·  Beverage Industry 3

·  Blending System

·  Butter Tempering Skid 1

·  Butter Tempering Skid 2

·  Chilli Blending System

·  Chopper System

·  CIP Skid

·  Flow Panel Installation 1

·  Flow Panel Installation 2

·  HTST System

·  Piping System 9

·  Platforms 1

·  Platforms 2

·  Pre-Blend Skid 5

·  Spray Form Dryer

·  Sterile Air Piping System

·  Tank Farm

·  Tank Installation 1

·  Tanker Bay Platform 1

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Slot Drain with Anchors
Trench Drains

 Alfa Laval Hygienic Pumps & Valves Promo 

Centrifugal Pumps
Centrifugal Pumps

LKH 75 Premium Pump
Premium Pumps

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