Our 3A Sanitary approved, long radius elbows are available in sizes from 1" to 6" diameters with centerline radii ranging from 12" to 48". All elbows have standard 12" tangents and are available in 45 and 90 degree. Any end connection and tangent length can be configured at our facility per customer requirements. All elbows come standard in 316L stainless steel material. Other centerline radii, finishes, and degrees are available for your application.
Unit of Measure



N/A 2.5 Inch


N/A 16 gauge


N/A 24 CLR

Standard Dimension

T1 & T2

N/A 8 Inch


N/A 32 Inch


N/A 30.627 Inch


N/A 12.686 Inch


Radius of bend Tolerance +/-

N/A 1 %

Degree of bend Tolerance +/-

N/A 1 º

Change of Plane +/-

N/A 1 º

Flat of Plane

N/A 1 % of CLR


Tangents +/-

N/A +/- 1% if tangent length is Greater than or equal to 1.5 X O.D. +/- 3% if tangent length is less than 1.5 X O.D.


N/A 5% of O.D. for 5D bends or more 8% of O.D. for less than 5D


General +/-

N/A 1/16 Inch

Tangent +/-

N/A 1/2 Inch1” Greater than 36 Inch9"-36 Inch

Center to Center +/-

N/A 1-1/4 Inch

Offset Bends +/-

N/A 1 ¼” O.D. through 6-5/8” Inch1/2” greater than 6-5/8” Inch


End Cuts +/-

N/A 1- 2% of O.D.


N/A #3 Mechanical finish unless noted otherwise in quotation


N/A 12% of wall thickness (Max. Depth)

Wrinkles and Humps

Surfaces shall be generally free of wrinkles and humps: however, for pipe or tubing with large ratio of outside Diameter (O.D.) to wall thickness, there’s a tendency for small wrinkles to develop on the inside of the bend. The depth of this wrinkling as determined from crest to trough shall not exceed the following:

Up to 2.375” O.D. : 0.031”
2.376” to 3.5” O.D. : 0.047”
3.501” to 4.5” O.D. : 0.062”
4.501” O.D. & Up : 0.094”

The ratio of distance between crest to depth shall be greater than or equal to 12.