Our specialty is stainless steel fabrication. We have dedicated our 35,000 square feet shop to the specific requirements of stainless steel and non-ferrous alloy fabrication. We have trained artisans who know the intimate details of fabricating, welding, and polishing stainless steel as well as other nickel alloys. Their pride is an integral part of every project that passes though our quality control inspections.

Sterling utilizes the latest technology in forming, welding, and polishing. We have designed and built custom equipment for polishing applications, which gives us a competitive advantage. We can custom polish random lengths of flats, rounds, and rectangular stock to any finish specified.
Unit of Measure



N/A 35,000 Sq. Ft. State of the Art Fabricating Facility Five and Ten Ton Overhead Cranes Two 50 X 150 Bays for Large Projects With a Segregated Metal Finishing Area

Cutting Capabilities

N/A Manual Plasma up to 1" Plate Vertical Band Saw 16" x 22"

Water Jet Cutting Features

N/A Ability to cut a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to: metals, woods, composites, plastic and foam Close tolerances, less secondary operations No HAZ (heat affected zone) Rough Cut 12" thick material, tolerance cut 2" and below Software for most ACAD, DXF, or scanned files Table size 72" X-axis 144" Y-axis

Shearing Capabilities

N/A Maximum Capacity 1/4" Stainless Steel 13'4" Long

Punching Capabilities

N/A CNC Gauging, Repeatability Tolerance: 0.005" Weight Capacity: 30 Ton Work Envelope: 120" X Axis, 30" Y Axis, Tooling up to 5"

Forming Capabilities

N/A 230 Ton Capacity, 14' Long, Computer Gauging, Up to 1/4" Stainless Steel Plate 12' Long 55 Ton Capacity, 6' Long, Computer Gauging Pipe and Tube Bending

Welding Capabilities

N/A Automatic Orbital Tube Welding FCMA GMAW & GMAW-P GTAW SMAW We have numerous welding qualifications per ASME Section IX, as well as AWS D1.1, D1.2, and D1.6.

Welding Inspection Capabilities

N/A Fiber Optic Boroscope with Recording Capabilities Magnaflux Ultrasonic Weld Mapping X-Ray



Rolling Capabilities

N/A Three Sets of Rolls Up to 1/4" Thick 72" Wide

Polishing Capabilities

N/A Custom Polish Bars, Plate, Round and Square Tube to 3-A Sanitary or Other Specifications Custom Polish Random Lengths of Flats, Rounds And Rectangular Stock to Any Finish Specified Tank and Vessel Polishing to 3-A Sanitary Specifications Two Centerless Grinders

Machining Capabilities

N/A Four Drill Presses Four Milling Machines Tapping Machine Three Lathes Up to 14" Swing

Bead Blasting Capabilities

N/A 16' wide 21' long 14' tall 350 Sq. Ft. Meadia: Glass Bead, Sand Self Contained Booth Dedicated to Non-Ferrous Metals


Product Transfer Stations

N/A From two ports to sixty ports, from single jumpers to multiple jumpers. We have incorporated valve manifolds in with transfer stations.

Piping Assemblies

N/A We provide piping assemblies for numerous processing plants and equipment manufactures nationwide.

Specialty Conveyors

N/A Have a unique product or package? Conveyors off the shelf can’t transfer it? We’ll design a conveyor that will.

Skid Mounted Systems

N/A Skid mounted systems are our specialty. All of our systems go through rigorous factory acceptance testing before leaving our facility. System can be ready to “plug and play” upon arrival at your plant.

Electrical Enclosures

N/A Can’t find the exact enclosure you want? Call us we’ll fabricate any custom enclosure you need.

Contract Manufacturing

N/A Services provide parts and equipment on behalf of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The design and brand name remain the property of the OEM. Contract manufacturing may involve a complete range of services from design and prototyping to final production, assembly, and quality assurance for complete products. Other contract manufacturing services may involve component contract fabrication manufacturing, in which we produce only a component or sub-assembly. Some of these contract manufacturing services may encompass sheet metal fabrication, machining and turning, and welding.