The OptiLobe is Alfa Laval’s rotary lobe pump intended for general applications. Available in an optimized range with fewer options, OptiLobe pumps combine cost-effective simplicity with Alfa Laval quality and reliability.

OptiLobe pumps feature a paint-free design with front-loading seals and tri-lobe rotors. They are the latest example of Alfa Laval’s leadership in innovative design and advanced manufacturing processes.
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Our rotary lobe pumps are ideal for both Cleaning in- Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) applications.
Easy Seal Retrofit
The seals of our rotary lobe pumps are designed for quick and simple upgrading. Our broad range of seals includes many seal types and configurations, which can be tailored to your need and application.
Gentle, Hygienic Design
With their high-precision rotors and low-shear operation, our rotary lobe pumps ensure the gentle movement of delicate products. The pumps offer a number of features that maximize clean ability, and their construction provides compliance with the world’s leading hygienic standards.
Heavy Duty Gearbox Construction
Our rotary lobe pumps are fitted with a cast iron gearbox incorporating heavy-duty taper roller bearings and torque locking assemblies that allow for easy maintenance and high reliability. The pump rotors are driven by a high-precision involute spline drive.
Improved Drainability
All of our rotary lobe pumps can be drained easily when mounted in vertical port position. In the case of our OptiLobe and SX pumps, cusps are retained in vertical configurations for greater efficiency.
Modular pump design
Our rotary lobe pumps feature a modular construction. This design feature increases flexibility and reduces spare parts inventory.
Standards and Approvals
All of our rotary lobe pumps are compliant with the EHEDG, 3A and FDA hygienic standards. In addition, our SX and SRU pumps have approval for use in explosive environments.
Universal Mounting
To allow high flexibility when fitting the pump into a production line, all of our rotary lobe pumps can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal port position (with the exception of the larger SX models) .