Tri-Clover® Unique 7000 Series – A New Valve Generation with the latest Tri-Clover® innovation.

One-piece body of the Unique 7000 starts life as a 316L steel disc. This is deep drawn and pressed to form the finished body for a new generation of Tri-Clover® single seat valves.

Designed to meet the highest market standards, the annealed body of the unique 7000 has an ideal surface finish with no welds*. Forming the valve body from a single disc also ensures there are no porosities.

The Unique 7000 is the perfect solution. It's modular in design for maximum flexibility. The ball-shaped design provides gentle product treatment and cleanability to give you years of reliable operation, with low life-cycle cost.

The Unique 7000 is an innovative new generation of Tri-Clover single seat valves that are designed to meet the highest process demands for hygiene and safety. You'll also find features specifically designed to save you money. Combining the best from US market leader Tri-Clover® and world market leader Alfa Laval, the Unique 7000 is built on a well-proven platform from an installed base of more than one million valves.
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N/A The Tri-Clover® Unique 7000 Series can be configured for any process

  • The Unique 7000 offers you a wide range of bodies, actuators and seat rings to choose from.

  • For the Unique 7000 we offer an automation portfolio matching any market need – from the IndiTop (left) over the Tri-Clover® Green Top, the ThinkTop® Basic to the advanced ThinkTop®.

  • Actuator standard: Partly maintainable, supplied with five years’ warranty. Option: Fully maintainable. The latter is NO/NC reversible. The Unique 7000 offers the modular choice of four actuator sizes to match your application.

  • Composite bushing ring ensures long-term performance of the valve in both the vertical and horizontal position.

  • Safe, improved clamp concept.

  • One-piece body with inner surface of 32 Ra max., and no welds on the valve body.

  • Double working lip seal minimizes risk of contamination and contributes to safer production.

  • TR2 seat ring with enhanced CIP capabilities for improved hygiene, lower cost of ownership and safer production. The Unique 7000 seals are designed for easy maintenance.


N/A The body of the Unique 7000 has no welds. It’s annealed with a 32 Ra max., surface finish, meeting the highest standards of hygiene. Superior cleanability is reinforced by the ball shaped body with no dead zones and a seat ring with enhanced CIP capabilities. A double working lip seal also minimizes risk of contamination.
We’re talking optimum hygiene!

In your business, optimum hygiene is essential for safe production. But the Unique 7000 offer you security in other ways as well. The one-piece body provides strength and ensures reliable, safe production. The valve is designed to be 3A compliant. The TR2 seat ring, with enhanced CIP capabilities for improved hygiene, is a standard feature in the U.S. The valve can also be supplied with an elastomer seal ring with defined compression of sealing with metal-to-metal contact ensuring safe production. The TR2 seat ring also provides lower maintenance costs and safer production.

This further proves the Unique 7000 stands for safety and quality, and will not let you down.

Low maintenance costs are one of many cost-saving features offered by the Unique 7000.

  • Available in both a maintainable and non-maintainable actuator version.
  • Superior cleanability saves you time and cuts cleaning fluid costs.
  • The actuator gives you higher performance.
  • Our user-friendly Valve Configurator, CAS, helps you choose the correct configuration for your process.

The Unique 7000 aseptic version features a one-piece design and eliminates the need for a steam barrier. This results in fewer spare parts, less maintenance and lower cost of ownership.