Work station platforms from Fibergrate are available in a variety of styles, heights and sizes to provide a slip- and corrosion-resistant and ergonomic solution for your facility. From portable one-piece work stands to fixed large- scale access platforms, Fibergrate will help you find the perfect fit for your working environment.

Safe-T-Stand platforms have a grit top which provides a safe, slip-resistant surface, while their resilient design eases the strain on feet, legs and back muscles. Stands are available in 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10" heights and have skid-resistant rubber feet for added safety.

The proven strength, impact resistance and overall durability of FRP construction make Safe-T-Stand platforms equally usable in any process industry or manufacturing environment. Standard Safe-T-Stand platforms are manufactured using a specially-designed, USDA-accepted, food- grade resin for food and beverage processing plants. The full line of Fibergrate resin systems is available for non-food applications.

Fibergrate® Workmats
Specially designed rubber feet are an economical way to create a raised, ergonomic grating workmate for use around machines, lathes and in wet areas. With the rubber feet, facilities have a cost-effective solution to elevate grating needed for drainage or water flow and safe, ergonomic platforms. The feel raise the grating 1/2" above the ground and along with the open mesh, protect workers by allowing chips and fluids to fall below the standing surface eliminating slip and fall hazards.

Fibergrate® Custom Platform Solutions
Fibergrate's turnkey approach to providing custom platform solutions includes design and engineering, fabrication and installation services. From simple portable workstations to complex multifaceted platforms, the experienced personnel at Fibergrate can provide your facility with the perfect custom platform solution.
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