Fibergrate® Molded Grating
Flbeigrate molded gratings are designed to provide (he ultimate in reliable performance, even in the most demanding conditions. Fibergratc offers the widest selection in the market with more than ten resins including Chemgrate CP-84 and more than twenty grating configurations available in many panel sizes and surfaces.

RIGIDEX® Moltrudcd® Crating
RIGIDHX Moltrudcd gratings are the first fiberglass gratings to combine the corrosion resistance of molded grating with the longer span capacity of pultruded grating, all at the low cost of metal gratings.

Safe-T-Span® Pultruded Industrial and Pedestrian Gratings
Combining corrosion resistance, long-life and maintenance-free designs, Safe-T-Span provides unidirectional strength for industrial and pedestrian pultruded grating applications.

Dynarail® Handrail
Easily assembled from durable prefabricated components or engineered to your specifications. Dynarail handrail meets or exceeds OSHA and strict building code requirements for safety and design.

Dynarail® Safety Ladder System
Easily assembled on site, Dynarail safety ladder systems meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Though less costly than prefabricated ladder systems, these safety ladders provide a custom fit to the supporting structure.

Dynaform® Structural Shapes
Fibergrate offers a wide range of pultruded structural components for industrial use, including bars, rods, tubes, beams, channels, leg angles and plates.

Stair Solutions
Fibergrate offers a wide range of slip-resistant products to meet your stair safety needs. These durable products which include treads, tread covers and covered stair treads are a long-term, cost-efficient solution for your facility.

Fabrication Services
Combining engineering expertise with an understanding of fiberglass applications, Fibergrate provides turnkey design and fabrication of fiberglass structures, including platforms, catwalks, stairways and test racks.
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