Designed to 3A standards and available in two, three or four stage models, LKH-Multistage pumps save space and energy by replacing up to three booster pumps in a line. Used primarily in high-pressure applications with low capacity, they withstand system pressures up to 1,340 head (580 psi) and deliver boost pressures up to 554 head (240 psi). This makes them suitable for both reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.
Unit of Measure

LKH Performance

LKH pumps are available for capacities up to 1,300 gallons/minute and pressures up to 525 head in feet of water (275 psi).

Additional Information

Alfa Laval Solutions

N/A Alfa Laval has hygienic pumps for every need, however large or small. Each one is an efficient and reliable product, designed to carry out its tasks effectively for years on end.

Drawing on experience from a broad range of industries and an even broader range of pumping applications, we can provide solutions for specialized as well as general demands. From low viscosities to high, we have both the knowledge and the products to create a solution.

Spare Parts

N/A Our spare parts are all precisely engineered and manufactured to endure the specific application for which they were designed.

Moreover, Alfa Laval spare parts are rigorously tested in our materials laboratory under actual operating conditions.


N/A Advanced Seal Design

Our LKH premium pumps (models 5-60) and our SolidC standard-duty pumps share the same mechanical shaft seal, which simplifies maintenance and spare parts inventory. Combined with the quick and easy front-loading design, this reduces maintenance costs, increases uptime and reduces the cost of ownership.
Easy Seal Conversion

The external design of our centrifugal pumps, as well as the seal’s construction, is designed to make seal conversion as fast and as simple as possible. Our premium LKH pumps can be converted from single to flushed or double mechanical seals, while our standard-duty SolidC pumps can be converted from single to flushed shaft seals.