Alfa Laval’s standard-duty centrifugal pumps are designed as a reliable, cost-effective solution. In addition to gentle product handling and efficient operation, one seal fits the entire SolidC range and most LKH pumps.

The highlight of our standard-duty pumps is the SolidC series, which combines a practical, cost-effective design with similar characteristics of our premium LKH centrifugal pump.

The SolidC Pump Series

The SolidC pump series is a reliable and cost-effective solution for simple transport duties up to 380 gallons/minute. It utilizes the same mechanical shaft seal found in our LKH series, which is front-loaded and easily replaced without removing the back plate. SolidC pumps are available in four sizes and comply with 3A, CE and EHEDG requirements.

When replacing the seal, the SolidC features a self-centering stub shaft so no dial gauge is needed to achieve .001* T.I.R.
Unit of Measure

SolidC Performance

SolidC is a reliable, cost-effective centrifugal pump for standard duties up to 380 gallons/minute.