Fibergrate sets the standard for high performance structural floor panels. Fibergrate’s rugged fiberglass structural plates are designed for use in applications where durability and long, low-maintenance life are critical. These floor plates are an economical and safe solution to slippery walking surfaces. As flooring, Fibergrate’s plates are often installed over existing grating to provide a solid walkway or to extend the life of a high traffic area. Nongritted Fiberplate can be bolted directly to structural beams and used as wall panels that are resistant to corrosive splash.

Along with long life and durability, Fiberplate® and Chemplate® incorporate a number of safety features. A molded-in. grit-top surface is standard for improved footing. Since these plates are electrically nonconductive, the possibility of workers being injured by electrical shock is virtually eliminated.

These specially designed products are nonporous and are easily cleaned by high pressure washer and can withstand cleaning solutions. Standard panel sizes are 3' x 10', 4' x 8', 4’ x 12' and 5' x 10'. (Custom sizes available.)

Structural Laminate Construction
Chemplate and Fiberplate are manufactured by building up multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and specially-formulated resins. The result of this process is a solid composite panel offering both bidirectional strength and corrosion resistance.

In caustic and/or acidic conditions, Fiberplate provides a level of corrosion resistance that is unequaled, even with stainless steel. In addition, the strength of Fiberplate is evidenced by its ability to support heavy loads. Fiberplate is made in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 3/4" and is easy to install, with a minimum of material waste. Fiberplate is available in various resin systems and colors including Vi-Corr®- FGI- AM (USDA accepted) and Corvex®. Color options include special shades of blue and green, proven in ergonomic research to increase worker productivity.

Accepted by the USDA* for use in food processing facilities, Chemplate delivers an impressive range of characteristics beneficial to the food industry. Safety is enhanced by its standard grit-top surface, which provides superior slip resistance over metal products such as diamond plate. Chemplate is available in four resin systems (FS-25, FGI-AM, VE-25 and CP-84) and a variety of colors dependent on resin selection

*Includes only FS-25, FGI- AM and CP-84
Unit of Measure


Standard Panel Sizes

N/A (Custom sizes available.) 3' x 10' 4' x 8' 4’ x 12' 5' x 10'