Rubber Fab Technologies Group has successfully met our customer’s goals with quality products that meet the highest sanitary standards and purity criteria. Our hygienic seals have provided superior surface finish and elastomer purity for use in production facilities of fine pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high-purity water, injectables, food and beverage products. In fact, Rubber Fab has made much significant advancement in gasket materials and manufacturing over the past few years and has recently applied this knowledge to the production of our Component Parts for pumps, valves, fillers and system equipment.

Rubber Fab has made the same commitment to purity and excellence in the manufacturing of our Component Parts as we have our line of hygienic seals. Like our other products, our component parts are color coded for material identification and come with lot and batch numbers that provided traceability at all times.

If it’s valve stems and balls, centrifugal pump parts and kits or filler parts, you can be assured of our continuous commitment for a superior product. Rubber Fab Technologies Group will meet your requirements and your expectations.

Valve Stems and Balls:
  • New and exchange Valve Stems
  • Check Valve Replacement Balls
  • PTFE enhanced
  • Superior surface finishes
  • Available in Buna, EPDM and FKM
  • FDA and 3A compliant
  • All stem varieties are available:
    compression, divert and shut-off
Centrifugal Pump Kits for:
  • 114, 216 & 218/328 pumps
  • Available in Buna, EPDM and FKM elastomers
Centrifugal Pump Parts:
  • Backplates
  • Carbon seals
  • Casing gaskets & O-Rings
  • Silicon carbide seals
  • Cups
  • Springs
  • Stub shafts
  • Impeller pins
Filler Parts:
  • Rolling diaphragms
  • Vacuum cups
  • Suction cups
  • U-cups
  • Screens
  • Perforated plates
  • O-Rings
  • Gaskets
  • Couplings
Metal Detectable Elastomers

Another major material advancement from Rubber Fab Technologies Group is in the area of metal detectable elastomers.

A common problem with component and filler parts is wear and tear. When rubber breaks off it can migrate through your system and into your product. Searching for and locating fragmented rubber parts is a costly, time consuming and inconclusive process requiring expensive x-ray equipment, manual observation and an extensive maintenance program. Not locating a worn rubber piece can have an even costlier outcome.

Rubber Fab provides an easier and cost effective solution with metal detectable elastomers. By manufacturing any standard elastomer with a 3A, FDA approved metal filler, a worn off piece of elastomer material can now be located by an in-line metal detector. This alarm enables your system to instantly be shut down for the removal of contaminated product and the immediate replacement of the worn part. Detectables eliminate product recall, lowers product loss and decreases the risk of elastomers consumed in finished product.

Detectables are available in Buna, EPDM, FKM and Silicone materials and are available in sanitary gaskets, cam lock gaskets, valve stems, check balls, o-rings and almost any molded products.
Unit of Measure


Valve Size

N/A 3"

Actual O.D.

N/A 4-1/4"