• Smart Gasket

    Smart Gasket

    Rubber Fab's Smart Gasket's* value is proven when validating sterility in a high-purity pharmaceutical system. Your standard sanitary flange utilizing the Smart Gasket" is used to obtain the critical thermal mapping information you need during the validation process.

    Smart Gasket* easily installs between two sanitary standard flanges using the Rubber Fab sanitary Smart Clamp to secure the flanges. Our clamp provides up to four internal ports for accepting the Smart Gasket* thermocouple samples or accessories; i.e. ACC-T or K-199-S-Shorl Temperature Probe; ACC-T or K-199A-L-Long Temperature Probe.

    Choose between Rubber Fab’s Thermocouple Gasket or select the Smart Gasket1 Spore Trap to securely retain spore challenge test strips. There is also a sampler device available that utilizes standard luer lock fittings. Meter fluids in your process system utilizing a peristaltic pump or withdraw sam pies utilizing our luer lock sampler and luer lock valve or syringe.

    Smart Gasket* with Smart Clamp is available in 1/2", 3/4", 1". 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4" sizes and fits standard Tri-Clover™, Top Line™, Waukesha™ and G&H™ sanitary flanges. Choose between USDA, FDA grade FPDM, platinum- cured silicone, FKM and other elastomers (consult factory for larger sizes).

  • Perforated Fluid Conditioning Gasket

    Rubber Fab Mold & Gasket’s Fluid Conditioning Program

    Rubber Fab once again offers a gasket program for your consideration and employment. For the first time, you can choose the USP Class VI elastomer of your choice and in a variety of mesh sizes. 20 micron through 4 mesh, which are all normally available for shipment on the day of order. We hope after you have reviewed the Rubber Fab Technologies Groups Fluid Conditioning Program, you will once again discover the Rubber Fab difference.

  • The Perfect Surface Gasket System

    Presenting Rubber Fab's Perfect Surface Gasket System. The perfect union of Torque- Rite and the Perfect Surface® Gasket.

    Torque-Rite allows you to control compression and expansion while maintaining constant inch/pounds force insuring a Perfect Surface ID when used with a Perfect Surface Gasket. Torque-Rile eliminate the problems associated with over- or under-tightening a gasket which can lead to an unsanitary system.

    Compression control is easy!
    When tightened, the Torque-Rite's self-limiting internal mechanism will make an audible "click" signaling the user they have reached proper inch/pounds force. If further tightening is attempted, there will be more "click" but no additional application of force on the gasket (if emergency conditions arise, the Torque-Rite has a built-in manual override feature.

    Problems with over-tightening or under-tightening a gasket:
    Over-tightening can tear or damage a gasket and can also cause a damming effect inside the pipeline. A torn or extruded gasket can hold soil and bacteria. Under- tightening leaves an undesirable concave area at the gasket allowing soil and bacteria to become entrapped. Both conditions should be avoided in a sanitary system.

    Maintaining a "Perfect Surface" Sanitary System.
    By maintaining a constant force on a Perfect Surface Gasket with the Torque-Rite, gasket I.D. is maintained lowering bacteria count and enhancing product integrity. A Perfect Surface sanitary system is assured.

    All elastomeric gaskets require periodic replacement. Gasket life is influenced by the gasket material, product application, temperature, cleaning procedures, etc. After monitoring gasket condition in a process system, a schedule should be developed for periodic replacement of gaskets.

  • TUF-FLEX Gasket

    Introducing a Technologically Advanced New Gasket

    TUF-FLEX, the revolutionary new gasket from Rubber Fab Technologies Group, is the world's only unitized gasket, setting new standards for purity, performance and flexibility. Designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultra-pure water, WFI (waier-for-iujection) and difficult food and beverage processing, TUF-FLEX outperforms other gaskets while eliminating costly process interruptions.

    Achieve higher performance under SIP/CIP Conditions

    • Uniting the flexibility of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of PTFE
    • Seats perfectly
    • Superior resistance to cold now and creep
    • Minimal thermal expansion
    • Outstanding service life
    • Exceptional flexibility
    TUF-FLEX is ultra-pure
    • No extractables,TOCs or particulates to contaminate product stream
    • No-pigment
    • Manufactured without any animal derived ingredients
    • No gasket ID invasion
    • Exceptional cleanability response
    • Maintains seal @ 30 in./lbs.
    • IDF (International Dairy Fitting) gaskets available
    • Temperature Range: -20ºF to 400ºF
    TUF-FLEX prevents process interruptions
    • Perfect cleanability
    • No retorquing necessary
    • Up to 100 SIP cycles guaranteed
    Performance Based on a Revolutionary Composition
    A TUF-FLEX gasket's contact surface is a layer of PTFE grafted to an EPDM rubber inner core. This totally bonded construction provides an exceptionally pure and incredibly flexible gasket.

    Performance With Exceptional Purity
    Because its elastomer core is protected by a unitized layer of PTFE, TUF-FLEX gaskets will not release elastomer extractables or particulates totally eliminating spalling. The result is an exceptionally maintained sanitary tubing I.D. with no I.D. invasive ness or system contamination.

    Performance Superior to Elastomers An elastomer gasket under SIP temperatures or chemical contact can revert. The soft, gummy consistency will invade into die sanitary I.D., shear and cause product contamination. At the same lime, the reverting elastomer will stick to the ferrule's face increasing clean-up costs and down time. Because all elastomers are metamorphic, over lime, They continually undergo deterioration resulting in the release of extractables and TOCs. By grafting the elastomer with a layer of PTFE, TUF-FLEX will behave like an elastomer but will prevent the product con tamination, service interruptions and clean-up costs associated with elastomer gaskets.

  • TUF-STEEL Gasket

    Select TUF STEEL for Outstanding Durability

    TUF-STEEL easily outperforms standard solid PTFE and PTFE envelope gaskets even hi the most demanding SIP pharmaceutical applications. In fact, TUF-STEEL lasts a minimum of five times longer in most applications!

    Cut Costly Downtime
    TUF-STEEL is ideal for sanitary steam pipe connections in extreme temperatures ranging from -20ºF to 450ºF. The superior strength of TUF-STEEL eliminates cold flow creep to prevent maintenance problems and system downtime. With selection for virtually any SIP application. TUF-STEEL gaskets are available in a variety of sanitary standard sizes from 1/2" to 12" diameter.

    What’s more, TUF-STEEL works with die Torque-Rile® Perfect Surface Gasket System, eliminating the potential for bacterial entrapment caused by over-tightening or under-tightening.

    PTFE and Stainless Steel Deliver Leak-Proof Performance Composed of a unique 50/50 blend of non-pigmented PTFE and 316L Passivated Stainless Steel®. TUF-STEEL is the choice for leak-proof performance and outstanding durability in steam applications.

    TUF-STEEL Offers Rugged Composition for Demanding Steam Environments

    • Stainless Steel and PTFE blend
    • Passivated to eliminate rouging
    • Non-pigmented
    • Non-stick surfaces
    • ID Pharmaceutical finish
    • Type 1 Standard, Screen and Orifice Plate gaskets available
    TUF STEEL Holds Up Under Rigorous Conditions
    • 100 CIP/SIP cycles guaranteed
    • Superior creep resistance
    • Excellent expansion/contraction stability with minimal thermal expansion
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Stops leaks when correctly torque (50 in./lbs.*)
    • No gasket extrusion into the sanitary tube I.D.
    • No obstruction of flow
    • Maintains sealing stability in ΔT processes
    • Torque-Rite Model TR-50
    TUF-STEEL Meets Stringent Standards
    • U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI Certification
    • Cytotoxicity Criteria
    • Title 21 CFR 177.2600
    • Tide 21 CFR 177.1550
    • USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards
    • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
    • ASME-BPE Standards
    Same Gasket...New Name
    The name may have changed from Tef-Steel to Tuf-Steel, but the gasket, the part numbers and the Rubber Fab quality remains exactly the same. Please contact Rubber Fab with any ordering or application questions with Tuf-Steel or any Rubber Fab product.

  • Tuf-Steel Gauge Guard Isolator

    Protect Critical Instrumentation

    The TUF-STEEL Gauge Guard Isolator gasket protects expensive instruments from damage without affecting instrument performance. By combining a TUF-STEEL gasket with a 5-mil PTFE film, the TUF-STEEL Gauge Guard Isolator gasket isolates hot or caustic saline solution from instrumentation. It makes good sense because failure to use a gauge guard gasket can void most instrument and gauge warranties.

    All the Benefits of TUF-STEEL in a Diaphragm Gasket

    • 5 mil PTFF sheet protects diaphragm instrumentation
    • Will nut interfere with gauge operation
    • Works with most industry standard instruments
    • Superior creep resistance
    • Excellent thermal stability
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Non-pigmented composition
    • Up to 100 CIP/SIP cycles guaranteed
    • Non-stick surfaces
    • No gasket extrusion into the sanitary lube I.D.
    • Also available in:
      • Platinum Silicone
      • FMK
      • EPDM
    Specify the world's finest gaskets
    • Up to 50-100 CIP/S1P cycles guaranteed
    • Leak-proof performance
    • Superior creep resistance
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Minimal thermal expansion
    • Outstanding service life
    • Outstanding purity - no extractable, TOCs or particulates
    • No gasket extrusion into the l.D.
    • Non-stick surfaces
    • No pigments
    • Easy cleanability
    • Compliant with stringent standards
    • U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI Certification
    • Cytotoxicity Criteria
    • Tide 21 CFR 177.2600
    • Title21 CFR 177.1550
    • USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards
    • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
    • ASME-BPE Standards
    • Animal Derived Ingredient Free

  • Component Products

    Rubber Fab Technologies Group has successfully met our customer’s goals with quality products that meet the highest sanitary standards and purity criteria. Our hygienic seals have provided superior surface finish and elastomer purity for use in production facilities of fine pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high-purity water, injectables, food and beverage products. In fact, Rubber Fab has made much significant advancement in gasket materials and manufacturing over the past few years and has recently applied this knowledge to the production of our Component Parts for pumps, valves, fillers and system equipment.

    Rubber Fab has made the same commitment to purity and excellence in the manufacturing of our Component Parts as we have our line of hygienic seals. Like our other products, our component parts are color coded for material identification and come with lot and batch numbers that provided traceability at all times.

    If it’s valve stems and balls, centrifugal pump parts and kits or filler parts, you can be assured of our continuous commitment for a superior product. Rubber Fab Technologies Group will meet your requirements and your expectations.

    Valve Stems and Balls:

    • New and exchange Valve Stems
    • Check Valve Replacement Balls
    • PTFE enhanced
    • Superior surface finishes
    • Available in Buna, EPDM and FKM
    • FDA and 3A compliant
    • All stem varieties are available:
      compression, divert and shut-off
    Centrifugal Pump Kits for:
    • 114, 216 & 218/328 pumps
    • Available in Buna, EPDM and FKM elastomers
    Centrifugal Pump Parts:
    • Backplates
    • Carbon seals
    • Casing gaskets & O-Rings
    • Silicon carbide seals
    • Cups
    • Springs
    • Stub shafts
    • Impeller pins
    Filler Parts:
    • Rolling diaphragms
    • Vacuum cups
    • Suction cups
    • U-cups
    • Screens
    • Perforated plates
    • O-Rings
    • Gaskets
    • Couplings
    Metal Detectable Elastomers

    Another major material advancement from Rubber Fab Technologies Group is in the area of metal detectable elastomers.

    A common problem with component and filler parts is wear and tear. When rubber breaks off it can migrate through your system and into your product. Searching for and locating fragmented rubber parts is a costly, time consuming and inconclusive process requiring expensive x-ray equipment, manual observation and an extensive maintenance program. Not locating a worn rubber piece can have an even costlier outcome.

    Rubber Fab provides an easier and cost effective solution with metal detectable elastomers. By manufacturing any standard elastomer with a 3A, FDA approved metal filler, a worn off piece of elastomer material can now be located by an in-line metal detector. This alarm enables your system to instantly be shut down for the removal of contaminated product and the immediate replacement of the worn part. Detectables eliminate product recall, lowers product loss and decreases the risk of elastomers consumed in finished product.

    Detectables are available in Buna, EPDM, FKM and Silicone materials and are available in sanitary gaskets, cam lock gaskets, valve stems, check balls, o-rings and almost any molded products.

  • Biological Indicator Gasket

    Rubber Fab is proud lo introduce a new product that enables the use of a self contained biological Indicator In sanitary process lines. This unique Rubber Fab Smart Gasket® permits either Lop loading or Inline positioning of an IZTest® self contained biological indicator and/or a temperature probe.

    The great advantage of a self contained biological Indicator over the traditional spore strip in glassine is the time saved when confirming spore kill. Results are easily obtained in only 48 hours (versus the five to seven days required with a spore strip) and without problematic laboratory transfer.

    You can feel secure knowing that the biological Indicator will mil be lost down stream in the process. The tail-safe Rubber Fab Smart Gasket® holds the indicator in place for easy retrieval. Available for 3/4”, 1.0”, 1.5” and 2.0” Sanitary, Tri-Clamp process lines. The Biological Indicator Gasket is also available with one (1) Smart Gasket Thermocouple Port.

    Meets High Pharmaceutical Standards

    • U.S. Pharmacopeia Glass VI Certification
    • Cytotoxicity Criteria
    • CFR Title 21 Section 177.2600
    • Traceability: Lot and Batch
    • Certification: Lot and Batch
    • ASME-BPE Standards
    • USDA Standards
    • 3-A Sanitary Standards
    • Currenl Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
    • U.S. Pharmacopeia
    • ISO 11138
    • European Norm 866
    Validation of steam systems
    • Fermenters
    • Pharmaceutical Tanks
    • Sanitary Inline Pipes
    • Pharmaceutical Hose

  • Gauge Guard Isolator Gaskets

    The Rubber Fab Gauge Guard Isolator gaskets protect expensive diaphragm and instruments from damage with out affecting instrument performance. By combining a quality Rubber Fab gasket with a membrane, the Gauge Guard Isolator gasket isolates hot or caustic saline solution from instrumentation. A necessary and cost effective step in assuring long life and accurate results from your instruments and gauges. As some manufacturers will suggest the use of a gauge guard gasket, others note thai the failure to use a gauge guard gasket can void most instrument and gauge warranties.

    All the Rubber Fab Benefits in a Gauge Guard Gasket

    • Gasket membrane protects instrumentation from caustic saline solutions
    • Will not interfere with gauge operation or accuracy
    • Works with most industry standard instruments
    • Help extend the life of gauges
    • Available in:
      • FKM - .010 membrane thickness
      • Platinum Silicone - .010 membrane thickness
      • EPDM - .010 membrane thickness
      • TUF-STEEL - .005 membrane thickness
    • Samples available upon request
    All Rubber Fab Caskets Meet the Stringent Standards For Purity
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI Certification
  • Cytotoxicity Criteria
  • Title 21 CFR 177.2600
  • Title 21 CFR 177.1550
  • USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
  • ASME-BPE Standards
  • Animal Derived Ingredient Free