Introducing a Technologically Advanced New Gasket
TUF-FLEX, the revolutionary new gasket from Rubber Fab Technologies Group, is the world's only unitized gasket, setting new standards for purity, performance and flexibility. Designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultra-pure water, WFI (waier-for-iujection) and difficult food and beverage processing, TUF-FLEX outperforms other gaskets while eliminating costly process interruptions.

Achieve higher performance under SIP/CIP Conditions
  • Uniting the flexibility of an elastomer with the chemical resistance of PTFE
  • Seats perfectly
  • Superior resistance to cold now and creep
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • Outstanding service life
  • Exceptional flexibility
TUF-FLEX is ultra-pure
  • No extractables,TOCs or particulates to contaminate product stream
  • No-pigment
  • Manufactured without any animal derived ingredients
  • No gasket ID invasion
  • Exceptional cleanability response
  • Maintains seal @ 30 in./lbs.
  • IDF (International Dairy Fitting) gaskets available
  • Temperature Range: -20ºF to 400ºF
TUF-FLEX prevents process interruptions
  • Perfect cleanability
  • No retorquing necessary
  • Up to 100 SIP cycles guaranteed
Performance Based on a Revolutionary Composition
A TUF-FLEX gasket's contact surface is a layer of PTFE grafted to an EPDM rubber inner core. This totally bonded construction provides an exceptionally pure and incredibly flexible gasket.

Performance With Exceptional Purity
Because its elastomer core is protected by a unitized layer of PTFE, TUF-FLEX gaskets will not release elastomer extractables or particulates totally eliminating spalling. The result is an exceptionally maintained sanitary tubing I.D. with no I.D. invasive ness or system contamination.

Performance Superior to Elastomers An elastomer gasket under SIP temperatures or chemical contact can revert. The soft, gummy consistency will invade into die sanitary I.D., shear and cause product contamination. At the same lime, the reverting elastomer will stick to the ferrule's face increasing clean-up costs and down time. Because all elastomers are metamorphic, over lime, They continually undergo deterioration resulting in the release of extractables and TOCs. By grafting the elastomer with a layer of PTFE, TUF-FLEX will behave like an elastomer but will prevent the product con tamination, service interruptions and clean-up costs associated with elastomer gaskets.
Unit of Measure


Available Size

N/A 1/2"

Temperature Range

N/A -20ºF to 400ºF

TUF-FLEX Meets Stringent Standards

  • U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI Certification
  • Cytotoxicity Criteria
  • Title 21 CFR 177.2600 and 177.1550
  • USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CCMP)
  • ASME-BPE Standards
  • Animal Derived Ingredient Free


  • Unites the flexibility or an elastomer with the chemical resistance of PTFE
  • Totally unitized, perfectly sealed
  • IDF (International Dairy Fitting) gaskets available
  • No retorquing necessary
  • 50 steam Cycles guaranteed

Type I and Type II Envelope Gaskets vs TUF-FLEX


  • A Solid PTFE Type 1 Gasket is guaranteed to fail in SIP Conditions. They will creep, cold flow and leak at ΔT.
  • Performance without the Problems of PTFE
    Solid PTFE expands five times more per inch, per ºF compared with the connected stainless steel ferrules causing creep into the LD. and outside the O.I When PTFF returns to room temperature, the PTFE gasket shrinks in equal measure leaving unacceptable gaps in the system which results in leaks. With its inner elastomer core and PTFE layer, TUF FLEX eliminates the shrinkage, gaps and leaks associated with PTFE gaskets.
  • The envelope Gasket construction provides inconsistent results between the two materials. It will also creep, cold flow and leak over time.
  • Performance More Reliable than PTFE Envelope Gaskets
    Because the envelope gasket is not unitized, the inside elastomer and the outside PTFE act independently of each other, In ΔT processes, this construction results in gaps and shrinkage. TUF FLEX is totally unitized allowing no gaps thereby delivering more reliable performance.
  • The PTFE grafted elastomer in a TUF-FLEX gasket will maintain I.D. without re-torquing or leaking.
  • Performance of Up to 100 Steam Cycles – Guaranteed!
    TUF-FLEX provides long service life. TUF-FLEX eliminates clean-ups and service interruptions. And when used and maintained properly, TUF-FLEX performs through up to 100 steam cycles guaranteed!

TUF-FLEX Gasket Test Conditions


Item Unit Spec. "A" Type "B" Type
Normal Condition Test Hardness HS (JISA) 80±5 82 77
Tensile Strength M Fa 9.8 Min. 18.5 16.7
Elongation % 150 Min. 160 310
Aging Test Hardness Change Points +5 Max. +1 +2
Tensile Strength Change % -15 Max. -3.2 -7.2
Elongation Change % -25 Max. -11.6 -19.4
Compression Set Test Compression Set % +25 Max. +7 +13